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Hi my name is Lia! Although I love to explore the pleasures of the senses, I am well-read, well-spoken, intelligent and nurturing.

For me, psychological attraction is important, that is why it is my goal to really get to know you, so you can have the best experience. I believe that, as a human, you are special and you deserve good care, and I will therefore, in our meeting, create a moment just for you.

I am playful and I love to smile. For me having fun is key, and I therefore dedicate myself on making you have a super pleasurable and relaxing experience, because that is important for me too.

I thrive on establishing deep connections, because I love the human brain, as I think it is linked to our sensuality. 

When we meet, I will present myself in a discreet, elegant and classy manner. I speak 5 languages and I have traveled the world, so I can guarantee we can talk about anything!

With you I can go to dinner parties, trips and whichever interesting and fun ideas you might have. Just drop me a line and share your wish or fantasy with me, and I will go above and beyond to make it come true.

I have to say that I chose my partners in crime carefully, so when you write to me, please be a real gentleman. Politeness and consideration are sexy!

As for my body… let’s just say I like to take care of myself, and it shows. I am slim, athletic and feminine. I am very open minded, so you don't have to be afraid of sharing your secret wishes with me. However, as i said, physical attributes and expertise and not what mostly turns me on: respect and real human connection is :)

Just sit down, relax, close your eyes, and let me guide you! We will have a great time together.

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